A Children’s Book of Self Empowerment Disguised as a Magical Adventure!

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Parents know there is a battle for kids attention between videogames and real life experience – and videogames are winning.

Entertainment addiction is now parents number one issue in parenting. Children suffer when they aren’t learning:

Communication, Emotional Control, Life Skills, or The Joy Of Real Life Experience

Kids spend too much time on games and the internet because they don’t know how rewarding real life experience can actually be.

Give them an entirely new frame of mind that inspires them to explore life and overcome challenges.

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Putting a Bandaid On Your Sibling Isn’t a Chore.

It’s The Power To Heal!

Happiness Doesn’t Just Happen To Me

It’s Something I Cause To Happen!

Gaining Confidence Isn’t Some Impossible Task.

It’s a Skill I Can Gain Levels In!

Life’s Challenges Aren’t Just Annoying Obstacles.

They’re Quests To Gain New Powers!

Learning An Instrument Isn’t Just To Play Silly Kids Songs.

It’s The Power To Change My Feelings!

Water Isn’t Bland.

It’s a Health Potion!

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